Message From The Chairman

Dear Devoted Fountain City Classic Enthusiasts,

As we prepare to embark on the grand celebration of the 33rd Annual Fountain City Classic in 2023, I am filled with immense pride and anticipation. It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm and hearty welcome to all of you our cherished Classic fans, esteemed alumni, dedicated supporters, and the greater Columbus region.

This annual gathering transcends the boundaries of a mere football game; it represents a convergence of heritage, a showcase of future leaders, and a celebration of the enduring bonds that unite us. It is a moment when fierce rivalries are set aside in favor of camaraderie, where old friendships are rekindled, and new ones are forged.

As we come together today, standing proudly as graduates and advocates of Albany State University and Fort Valley State University, let us never lose sight of the paths that brought us here. Our historical black institutions have been the stepping stones to our current successes. Your support for the mighty 33rd Annual Fountain City Classic is a profound expression of gratitude to these institutions, a way of giving back that holds immense significance. Your unwavering support is the very lifeblood that sustains this treasured event.

For an impressive span of 33 years, it has been my distinct privilege and pleasure to serve as Chairman of the Fountain City Classic. Over the past seven months, a dedicated cadre of volunteers who have toiled ceaselessly to ensure the success of this week-long celebration. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to President Dr. Marion Fedrick of Albany State University and Dr. Paul Jones of Fort Valley State University and their respective teams, our committed corporate sponsors, ardent FCC fans and supporters, and last and certainly not least, the Fountain City Classic Host Committee who have poured their hearts into making this event a resounding success. It is through the collective efforts of each segment of our support system that we have achieved what seemed impossible.

The Fountain City Classic, in my view has evolved into one of the most thrilling events in the state of Georgia, and for this, we extend our gratitude to God. Once again, I thank you for being an integral part of this extraordinary journey. May you revel in the game and the conviviality it brings, knowing that your presence makes all the difference.

With utmost sincerity and gratitude,

Calvin Smyre
Chairman, Fountain City Classic